Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gone Country.

Have you heard of the Pioneer Woman? This city girl fell in love with her cowboy, moved to the country, started cooking, became famous, and the rest is history.

Have you heard of Joanna McCord? This girl loves to eat, but doesn't enjoy cooking. This girl (when making tacos with her college boyfriend and now husband) boiled the taco meat instead of browning it. This girl doesn't like to touch raw meat and would rather do the dishes instead of the cooking. This girl is completely content with 'break and bake' cookies.

Needless to say, Pioneer Woman and Joanna have little in common....until today!

After listening to many people talk about Pioneer Woman's 'easy' recipes (which apparently make you look like a hero) and MUCH encouragement from my dear sweet friend, Becky (she even told me what recipe to start with), I tried my first PW recipe.

And guess what?? It was a success! An 'easy' success - thanks to PW's website/blog that has pictures to go along with each step. And I did look like a hero to my sweet husband! I even cut the raw meat. Can you believe it??

So what did I cook? Marlboro Man Sandwiches. (I added cheese to them.) And they were soooo yummy! And they even looked like the Pioneer Woman's!

I just might have turned a corner.
I just might actually be becoming a cooker.
I just might need Pioneer Woman's cookbook.


Michelle said...

I LOVE the PW and use her cookbook OFTEN! Her cinnamon rolls are YUMMO and her chili is super easy and delicious. Glad it turned out great and you enjoyed it!

Brian and Kambry said...

YUM! That looks delicious!

Krista said...

You do, absolutely, NEED that cookbook. It's permanently resting in my cookbook holder! I have yet to try something that wouldn't qualify as a heroic meal :-)

Little Leach said...

love it love it love it. you are AWESOME!! :) start trying new things {ahem - the chicken fried steak} when j's home to take care of the kids... it takes the pressure off. and cooking shouldn't EVER have pressure attached! :)

Olson Family said...

way to go!!! Those look sooo yummy. Erik would love for me to make those for sure! Can't wait to see what you try next:)

ashleigh said...

That's my favorite PW recipe! (And I hate touching raw meat too)! I like the "PW style" of the MM sandwich, which is basically the same thing but with cheese and peppers. Delish. Love the blog and seeing your sweet family grow!

Judy said...

Noticed the wine glass!! Cooking is more fun with a glass of wine! :)

Jennifer said...

great job!