Sunday, March 20, 2011

season opener.

well, soccer season is officially under way.
we headed out to pizza hut park last night for the home opener for fc dallas (and to support justin and all his hard work). p has been talking about "soccer and fireworks in the sky" for about 3 weeks now and he was super excited for the game.

Grandad Bob and Grandma went with us!
The Leaches also went to the game!
Notice P's tears...well, that was how he was the entire game when something loud happened-which was the whole game. brady was so sweet and tried to show P how to cover his ears, but nothing worked - not even mommy, or Bob, or Ma, or even Mr. Jeff.
well...maybe sharing some popcorn with his best buddy. :)
look at their jerseys! so cute!
watching a little bit of the game with "ma"
hopefully the tears caused by all the loud noises were due to a really tired little boy. hoping next game will be a little better. p did wake up this morning and the first words out of his mouth were "soccer fireworks in the sky more." :)

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kel said...

looks like so much fun! we are excited to go :)