Wednesday, March 09, 2011


it's funny how some friendships are - friends for a while (even good friends) and then life happens and for some reason you become disconnected - not even because you necessarily want to be, but because life just happens. and then over the course of time, you might become reconnected to some of those friends - some by facebook, others by life circumstances that bring you back together. either way, reconnecting is fun (most of the time).

well i am excited to let you know that i am reconnecting with a dear friend of mine:
my running shoes
now this reconnection is going very slow. we are getting to know each other again at a safe pace. i sure wouldn't want either of us to get hurt. :) we are trying to meet up at least 4 times a week for a jog-not a run, but just a jog. most of our meetings are taking place early in the morning with the encouragement and motivation from my dear husband. i figure we better take this relationship slow (since i did just have a major surgery 2 months ago). i am excited about this reconnection and i might just be planning a big run in our future with some friends, of course.


Team Sherman said...

You can do it!! Take it slow and don't get frustrated when it "isn't like it used to be". Keep it up.

Kelly said...

Oh girl, I hear ya! My old friends were furious with me for leaving them alone so long and I've only just now convinced them to take me three miles at a time. I hope yours are more forgiving! =)

Jennifer said...

I'll run with you after work!