Wednesday, March 02, 2011


just a little update on little family...

miss stella:
home from the hospital and continuing to recover.
turned 7 weeks old on monday.
since starting to feel better, she is doing much better on the 'baby wise' schedule. still a little fussy from 7-10ish each evening. (appears to be a night owl like her daddy.)
starting to smile and coo more often.
my peanut:
continues to make me laugh all the time. and yet pushes my buttons at the same the time.
has figured out how to put on his shoes all by himself.
amazes me with what he remembers and associates with different things.
loves to be play outside, play with his cars, and 'cook' in his kitchen.
likes to pretend he works as soccer like daddy.
loves his baby sister and loves to share (or throw) his toys with her.

mommy and daddy:
we are still trying to figure out and adjust to our new evening routine.
mommy has 6 weeks left of maternity leave.
daddy is gearing up for a new soccer season (and turning 30 this month!)
enjoyed a day out with our sweet friends, the leaches.
enjoyed a visit from rene.
and of course...falling more in love with each other!

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Michelle said...

Kate had a bad fussy time each evening as well. Hers seemed to start right around 5:00 and lasted until 7:30 or bath time. I would have to rock and feed almost the entire time. I cherish that time now, because rocking is a rare occasion!

I am glad to see everyone is doing well!