Friday, June 21, 2013

a day in Green Bay.

Tuesday was spent in Green Bay.  We started the day off at Bay Beach.  It is a little amusement park full of rides.  The kids loved it.  They probably could have spent the whole day there....
this big slide was by far their favorite.
we did it a lot.  and it was quite a hike up those stairs.
our family on the green bay.
you can't tell from this picture, but it was chilly today.
i mean we were cold - we toughed it without our jackets, but it definitely was not like Texas' June weather.
when we left Bay Beach, we headed to lunch at a local place.
this jewel of a place was an old train station.
and the last stop of the day....
pierce and macie got to take a tour with the dads.
on the field.
our little cheese heads.
pierce chose to use his spending money on a full out packer uniform.
helmet, jersey, and pants.
with the vince lombardi statue

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