Wednesday, June 19, 2013

day one in wisconsin

our first full day in wisconsin was spent in true wisconsin form - at a dairy farm.
from the minute we entered wisconsin, there were farms everywhere.  and i mean everywhere.  the red barn ones - your typical farm.  so when kendra said we were headed to a farm on sunday morning, i was excited to see what these farms were all about.  come to find out, june is national dairy month and each weekend a different working dairy farm hosts "breakfast on the farm."

when we got to the farm, we were greeted by a tractor pulling a trailer to take us across the street to the farm. 
there were tons of old tractors just waiting for little kids to hop on and try.  pierce and macie didn't waste a minute getting on them.
check out that farm behind pierce
so this is the tent that breakfast was made under.  there was scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, fruit, and all sort of drinks.  this was a legit "farm" breakfast.  and quite the experience. 
there were lots of fun games for the kids to play.
this was the name of the farm we were at.
we got to feed and check out all the cows - and there were lots of them.
pierce walked around the whole time while we were in the actual barn like this...such a city boy.
Sunday night we headed out to the Neenah Kid's Fun Run.  It was a super fun family event.
The kids were registered for a fun run complete with race tickets. 
a little pre race strectch
pierce took off when the whistle sounded, but I raced with Stella.
and then Justin stepped in.
so proud of his blue ribbon.

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