Monday, June 24, 2013

a little farm in wisconsin.

on Wednesday we headed out to a petting farm.  it was amazing and we all loved it. 
we walked around with our "farmer" to see everything the first time and then we got to go back and see any of the animals again.  

there were chickens just walking around.
the pigs.
little bunny
the goats.
we got to feed them first and then we headed into their pen.
there were lots of babies and pierce got really good picking them up.
the sheep.
their "baa" was so funny.  sounded like people.
and they weren't to big on being petted.
sweet mckenna.
she was such a trooper.
a huge pig.
pony rides.
milking a cow.
norma, the cow.
a farm experience isn't complete without a tractor ride.
this might have been the highlight.
the chickens.
and yes, we ran around and caught them.
justin was the best, but pierce learned pretty quick.
oh the geese....
the farmer said they were hard to catch, but could be done.
so...we sent justin and matt in the pen to catch one.  
and justin was successful.
and this beautiful peacock just roamed around the farm.
this little farm is exactly what i picture the farm in Charlotte's Web to be like. 
i imagine that they all wander around in the evenings and chat about the day....
this was a perfect adventure.


Parker and Janet said...

That place looks soooo fun!!!!

Kendra said...

LOVE this place and we LOVED sharing it with you.