Monday, June 24, 2013

Chicago with the Halls

On Thursday, we all packed up and headed to Chicago.  I was thankful that we had two more days together - I might have been a mess saying good-bye already.  Chicago was an experience.  I feel like we barely scraped the surface of the city, and I already want to go back.  And our camera died while we were there, so all my pics are from my phone.  Not the best quality, but they at least document the trip.

Here are Kendra and I before we headed out on Thursday morning.  I am so blessed my this sweet friendship.  I am so thankful that God had us start teaching at Bluebonnet almost 10 years ago together - I love that despite distance, we are as close as ever.  As our principal texted me the other day and said, "This is a friendship made in heaven."  And I totally agree with her.  God has abundantly blessed me with a few "forever friends" and I am so very thankful that this is one of them. the Chicago pictures.
Here I am with the kids after making it downtown.  So excited.
Yes, I bought this amazingly yummy treat on Navy Pier.
World Famous Popcorn.
The McCord's and Hall's at Navy Pier.
Yummy Chicago Pizza with a special guest, RJ.

Friday we headed to the Chicago Cubs game - and boy was it an experience.  Matt found us some great parking with a couple blocks of the stadium.  Everyone was so excited when we got there.  There was some rain in the forecast, but we thought it was going to by-pass the stadium.

That rain that we thought was going to pass us...well it came right to the field.  We sat down in our seats at 12:45 for a 1:20 game and as soon as we sat down, they announced that the new start time was 3:05 due to the weather.  Bummer.  So, we were there with 4 kids (thankfully with covered seats) waiting out the rain.  We ate some ballpark food, walked around, ate some more, bought some treats, and ate some more. 

And finally at 3:45, the tarp came off and the place erupted.  Then they told us that the new start time was 4:35.  So we waited a little longer.
All (except Stella) were still smiles.  We enjoyed 3 innings of the actual game, although we were there long enough for a whole game.

And here we all are ... the McCord's and the Hall's
Ahhhh....what a wonderful trip.
All of it.
I can't believe it actually happened. 
It went by fast - too fast.
I miss my friend already.  And I have only been home 2 days.
But we are already planning our "next time" - I'm trying to get her here.  This fall!!

Thank you Hall Family for a fabulously wonderful vacation.  We are oh so thankful for all 4 of you.  And can't wait to see you again soon.  Thank you for all the fun memories.  Our hearts are so very full.  Love you all.

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Kendra said...

Oh my goodness. You made me cry. Twice. Maybe if I keep looking at all of the pictures and our blog posts again and again and again and again (like I've been doing)...then it won't feel like it's all over. Miss you dear friend.