Wednesday, June 08, 2011

bluebonnet's got talent.

i know america's got talent, but did you know that bluebonnet also has talent?

the end of the school year includes lots of 'things to do' for each teacher but for me one of the things on that list is the annual 4th and 5th grade talent show.

this 'show' is my 'baby.' my idea. and my job. (thankfully many volunteer to help pull if off each year.) this year the show was fabulous ... for an elementary school. :) justin brought the kids to the show. p loved it (and the opportunity to dance on stage for a bit too) and stella slept peacefully through all the acts.

and each year some of the teachers do a dance at the end of the show. it definitely is the 'crowd favorite.' this year we danced to 'life is a highway.'
ms. burris (the best principal ever) and i

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Kendra said...

Way to go, Mrs. McCord. Bluebonnet does have talent! What a blessing to SO many that you saw this idea through and have carried in on now for so many years. LOVED these pictures. Looks like lots and lots of fun...of course!