Thursday, June 16, 2011

hardest part about being a parent.

it's not the middle of night feedings
it's not the early early early mornings
it's not the poppy diapers
it's not the carrying that heavy infant carrier into places
it's not juggling 2 kids while trying to run a quick errand
it's not all the extra laundry
it's not the messy house with toys everywhere

it is trying to go out to eat at 'sit down' restaurant
i am sure that anyone who saw our family at dinner tonight that didn't already have kids went home saying, "we don't want to have kids." you see, p is at the point where he thinks he is ready for the booster seat. so tonight we gave in - probably not the best idea, but he has to learn how to do it, right? and miss stella can't fully sit up by herself in a highchair, but she is eating veggies, so she needed out of her carrier.

and we were in the both next to where the lady was making the tortillas and p insisted on watching her. so you see, there was a lot going against us tonight and this is the season we are in and we know that it will change very soon.
but this is us. really us. loud. laughing. rebuking. gruffing. laughing more. ending up with ground beef down our back. and laughing... still.

and we love it. even as crazy as it is.


Katie said...

This made me laugh out loud! Oh, the joys of parenthood. Hehe

Elizabeth said...

hysterical! :) and such a part of our every day normal! have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

This made me crack up laughing! Love your face in the picture too! We have ALL been there!!! IT WILL pass!

Team Sherman said...

SO FUNNY and SO TRUE! I just might have looked like this while out to lunch today.

jenicarae said...

I was laughing out loud as well! Thanks for the parental humor:-)