Wednesday, June 29, 2011

potty training: day 3

(feel free to just scroll down to see the 2 pics that i got at the end of the day if you have no interest in reading about p's potty training adventures. :) )

p woke up this morning and put on his big boy undies with no problem.
and preceded to have a fabulous day.
no accidents and told me all day when he needed to go.

he even had a #2 success! can you believe it?!?!

i know that we have been home for the 3 days with no distractions so i am not sure what playing with friends, riding in the car, running errands, or eating out will look like - but i do know that p knows when he needs to go and he is good at communicating it.

so here's to taking on the real world in big boy undies!!

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jenicarae said...

YAY P!!! So proud of you!! Keep up the good work. And YAY mommy for getting through the training - you are amazing:-)