Monday, June 27, 2011


New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys

the concert was fabulous - it was way more that I expected
it lived up to all mine (and Becky's) expectations
Justin hooked us up with tickets in the Ticketmaster suite.
(Thanks babe!)
after one not so good first act
and then a great act from Jordin Sparks
the BOYS took the stage
and they were amazing!
they went back and forth singing their most popular songs.
and yes, we sang along to all of them!
they sang.
they danced.
some of them took their shirts off.
and they danced and sang some more.
the AAC was packed with girls - screaming girls
girls screaming so loud that you couldn't hear the first few songs.
when we left our ears were ringing and our voices were hoarse
and it was way past our bedtimes
but is was totally worth. it. all.

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