Monday, June 27, 2011

Pierce is...

DoNe WiTh DiApErS!!

I hesitate to write the post, but here I go:

The Potty Training process has begun at the McCord house.
Today was Day #1.

We decided to go with the 3 Day method - I know that Pierce is not going to be fully potty trained in 3 days, but after today I think we are well on our way.

After 2 accidents right away this morning, Pierce had 10 successes! And no accidents after 8:00am. (We are however using Pull-Ups at naps and night time.) We did have a #2 incident, but I was fully expecting that.

I honestly can't believe he did so well today. I've been praying about this process for a while and Justin and I both prayed this morning before we started. I am fully prepared for tomorrow the 'newness' to wear off and the process to not be as successful...
So my little Peanut ran around in his big boy undies and a t-shirt all day.
He was cute and sweet about the whole process and got so excited for himself when he did it. The M&M's also helped. :)
I can't believe that I have changed this little man's last diaper.
When did he get so big?
So here's to lookin' at this cute little bum for the next 2 days as we continue on this process.

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