Tuesday, June 28, 2011

potty training: day 2

day 2 is under our belts.
and pierce had NO tee-tee accidents today!!
(2 #2 accidents, but like i said yesterday, i was totally expecting that part)
i am so proud of him! i guess he was really ready - despite my hesitation.

so with the three day method you are suppose to give them lots of liquids to make them need to go a lot. pierce has drank a ton of juice boxes, some gatorades, some sunny d's, bottle waters...you name it, he has drank it. so today my mom came over for a bit and she brought frozen hot chocolate from serendipity.
and in pierce's own words, "this is yuuummmmy!"
i honestly couldn't be more proud of my peanut.
he told me about half the times today that he needed to go.
even though i asked him about 1 million times.
he gets so excited each time and after washing his hands he runs to his m&m jar
and God answered another prayer of mine...
i was really worried about stella through this whole process. worried about having to set her down in the middle of a bottle to go with p to the potty or that she wouldn't nap good, ect.
but honestly....she's been perfect. perfectly content. and happy.

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kel said...

i'm glad it's going so well! just remember exactly what you're doing so you can help me next summer!! :)